Friday, January 15, 2010

Weathered Wolves.....finally

Sorry for the delay, School and some other things *cough* Dragon Age: Origins *cough* halted my painting progress for a little while, but now I've been working on this tutorial for you guys over about 3 days time. And it's done :D

Step one:


Basecoat the model with Adeptus Battle Grey

Step 2:


Drybrush with Fortress Grey

Step 3:


Wash the model Babab Black

Step 4:


Drybrush Codex Grey, in this step I try to get more paint where the light is supposed to be hitting the model's surfaces.

Step 5:


Now Drybrush with fortress Grey again, still keeping in mind where the light is supposed to hit the surfaces (this is only if you want to achieve such an effect on the model).

Step 6:


Highlight the model with Fortress Grey

Step 7:


Now I create an 1:10 mix of Vermin Brown : Water and wash the darker/deeper areas of the model.

Step 8:


Now I create an 1:10 mix of Scorched Brown : Water and go over the entire model, but I try to get more in the darker/deeper parts of the model.

Step 9:


Now I go back, highlighting all the most prominent areas of the model.
You are now done :D

And just to show you guys why on earth it took 3 days to complete the tutorial, well... I kind of did it on many models at the same time....


I'm hoping you'll enjoy this tutorial, please comment if you do :)

And I'll try to have 2-3 more models finished with my next post.



  1. i like the way you have done these i will probably use your tech up to the dark wash stage as i like them more before that. have you done on any vehicles yet?

  2. No vehicles yet, I'm going to control myself and not paint all the fun things at once, which is why I'm painting all the infantry first (the boring part for us Power Armor players/painters IMO).
    I do have a Vindicator waiting to be painted though.

    I'll toss up it's progress up here along with everything else..

  3. dude this looks amazing... seriously I'm not a fan of spacewolfs mostly because of the paint schemes, but this method of painting looks easy enough, looks amazing and best of all the schemes ive seen out there. love the vermin brown in there looks great!

  4. PS let me know if you ever do any blood angels in a style like this cuz thats the army im currently painting/working on