Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blood for the.... no wait, thats not it?

Alrighty, since I managed to finish the 2nd space pup just now I am also bringing you the blood tutorial, step by step.

For this you will need:
-Stripple Brush (I cut one of my older drybrushes)
-Tamiya Clar Red Paint (this one in particular is needed)
-Chaos Black + Water (or Black Ink for those that still have it from the time when Citadel still had it in their range.

Step 1:

Stripple Tamiya Clear Red thickly on the places you want blood.

Step 2:

Wait for 30-40 seconds (I usually wait around 15-20 sec but that's because I have a hot lamp close by) which allows the Tamiya color to coagulate a bit.
Now Use the stripple brush to stab at the red, taking away some and giving texture to the painted area (making it look more gory).

Step 3:

Now create some black ink (1:1 Chaos Black : Water) or just use Black ink along with about as much Tamiya Clear Red as seen.
Mix them together and stripple over the clear red on the previously painted area; keep in mind not to cover all the brighter red.

Step 4:

Now redo the process of using an empty stripple brush to stab at the blood and remove the most of it (remember to again wait 30-40 sec for it to coagulate).

And now you're done.
Just to show how it looks on other areas I've made it to look that this model have been walking in/around/on corpses and thus have gotten blood on his boots and in the snow where ha have walked (as well as blood dripped/sprayed from the sword).

I hope you enjoyed the blood, now get busy painting !
(And feel free to toss me links to finished models with this blood process used on them :D )



  1. Utterly gruesome, so just perfect. I'll definitely give this a shot somewhere down the line, especially because it really looks good on that chainsword.

  2. Cheers guys, I hope it'll help you in your painting endevaours

  3. Outstanding, could have done with this for my medical stuff.

  4. That is just awesome - cheers.


  5. Totally awesome tutorial, I've used it on my assault terminators. Check my blog for pics, I also used your weathered grey technique. :) much obliged indeed!