Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sinking fangs into warm and bloody meat..

Managed to finish off the 8th fella as well ^^,
He turned out great, fiercest of the bunch thus far IMO.
And yes, I WILL get pics with good lighting soon (tomorrow).

Back up to speed

Managed to finish the Wolf Guard as well as add burnt (tried to make it look burnt) on the Power Sword on the previously finished model.

C&C Appreciated as always.
Now I need to finish the last 2 from the first squad then I'm gonna start with my Wolf Priest, "Gammelman", (Old Man; a character from a Swedish humor TV series about vikings, he is the village's elderly shaman).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have finally managed to get me arse out of the wagon and started on my space puppies once more.

One done, two 90% done (with faces, blood and a few details left).

I'm fully aware that his tip of the sword looks "chunky" in the pic, I redid the tip so it's nice and smooth now (at first I forgot it was supposed to be a frostblade and not a normal power sword and thus painted it glowing green so it's been redone 3 times ><).

I'm thinkin' about adding some dripping blood from the sword, C&C on that?