Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Furry Tuesday?

Alrighty, today I was SUPPOSED to study, but well, that went out of the window and in flew a cold harsh breeze.
That's right, I'm pretty much finished with my 2nd wolfy.
I redid all pelts, and finished them off with a nice bright contrasting red (this model will be the centerpiece in his pack). I then finished off the skulls mounted onto the chainsword and the bolter, and when I was in the 7th layer I discovered that the tan i was working with was not Bleached Bone, but Kommando Khaki -Nice surprise! (That's why it looked so darn dark, luckily for me I felt it looked better that way than by using the same bright color I use on the ornate Bolter Wolfhead decorations on other marines)...

I still haven't decided if he will get black or blond hair, his base is already done so all needed is the blood effects on his chainsword (which I'll do after the hair) and then he's done.

I also finished my Wolf Priest (building/sculpting) today since I got the top of the staff I needed in the mail yesterday..

I removed that pesky hourglass and replaced it with more furry godness :D

Comments And Criticism always wanted and appreciated.

Blood and corpsepaint tutorial up tomorrow along with 2nd wolf finished :)

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