Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Have to start somewhere...

Might as well start by letting you all know what my current projects are:
-2000+ points worth of Space Wolves (this army will be built over an extremely long time period since I want it to be just as appealing to look at as it will be fun to play with it.)
-Van Saar Gang for Necromunda
-Cityfight board/underhive

So far I've only gotten the modelling work almost done on my Necromunda gangers and regarding the table me and Dennis (Author of the Miniatures Of Death blog) have gotten exactly nowhere but collecting tons of Necromunda bulkheads and various plastic ruins.

My real active project is my Space Wolves. Having played Ultramarines 5th Company since 2nd edition kind of wore me out, vanilla marine codex is something I don't want to look at for quite some time now.
I've started with modelling 9 Grey Hunters, 3 Wolf Guards in Power Armour, 5 Wolf Guards in Terminator Armour, 5 Wolf Scouts, and I'm 95% done with modeling one of my Wolf Priest.

Some of my GS work is displayed here.

This is a selection of all my GS work on the Space
Puppies thus far.

Wolf Scouts

And here is my Wolf Priest

Next up is my 1st painted Space Wolf

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